Ok. I have officially stepped over the line and it’s time to put my foot down. I am embarrassed to admit it but I am putting on weight. And the double-chocolate brownie gorging session I delved into yesterday (and disgusting as it is, breakfast this morning) is the final straw. Yes! Back to a clean sugar-free diet for me. And I don’t care if I have to go to bed at 7pm for a week to overcome the sugar cravings!! I have become too laxed in my boundaries. The word “NO” will play a big part in my vocabulary from now on, and I will not succumb to temptations! I will flee the kitchen if I must!! I have done it before. I will most certainly do it again!!

*puff* *puff*

Ok. Rant out of the way, I will gladly admit I have made a positive move by bringing the remaining brownie to work today so there will be no temptation for me when I get home this afternoon. Definitely a good start ^_~

Through all this I was left pondering. Why is it I crave sugar, chocolate and cake so much, when I know that it makes me so sick when I eat it? For THREE WHOLE DAYS I tried to combat brownie cravings. So great was the fight I could focus on nothing else all weekend. In the end I was forced to bake the damn things to restore sanity. And now, today, I am suffering the consequences. Oh why, why am I so attracted to you sugar-laced foods? Like a insect attracted to a venus fly-trap you tempt me, draw me in and *BAM!* I’m trapped in an endless sugar cycle! Leave me in peace dammit!!

I decided to google gluttony as a result. I won’t bore you with a description (actually I failed to actually READ any definitions), but in my searching I came across an interesting article, totally unrelated, on Literary Gluttony entitled “How to Consume More Books This Year.” The opening line states that over 40% of Americans claim not to have read any books in the previous year. 40%!!! I almost choked! Then started to feel good as with my new-found interest in reading I don’t fit into this boat as (a) I’m not American and (b) I have already read 5 novels in the last 2 months. Yay for me! But in reality, these are shocking statistics. Since reading I have found myself better able to concentrate, find it significantly easy to write content and have been introduced to many thoughts and ideas I would probably never consider. And this is just reading fiction. For such a huge number of people to no longer take an interest in reading I start to realise why so much content I read is so poorly written, and why our brains are essentially becoming dull. When need to sharpen up and do more reading!

To find out more about the benefits of reading and find ideas on how to incorporate more reading into your life, the Literary Gluttony article is an interesting read and can be found here at 

Considering this is a somewhat random post about brownies and books, I guess there is one lesson I can take from this: I need to consume less junk food and more literature!